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At Pinnacle Group Financial Services we believe very strongly in helping you make informed decisions. To that end, we utilize a step-by-step process to help educate and advise you as you prepare for your future and the future of your loved ones.


WEALTH ACCUMULATIONA key to reaching the increased financial security we all desire is having an effective wealth accumulation strategy in place. This must be tailored around your unique financial goals, and it must be consistent with your timeframe without jeopardizing or impairing your current way of life.
INCOME DISTRIBUTIONWhile many individuals spend a lifetime building wealth, little effort is often spent on devising a strategy to wisely utilize one’s accumulated assets once in retirement, and many are concerned that they may actually outlive their savings. Rahmel Financial Services provides solutions including the use of annuities which guarantee a retirement income you absolutely cannot outlive.*
WEALTH PRESERVATIONOnce in retirement, many individuals find it even more important to protect what they’ve spent a lifetime accumulating. After years of faithfully putting money away, the ‘saving years’ are over, and you must shift gears into a mode of preserving what you’ve built.
WEALTH TRANSFERWealth transfer can be a vital component of your financial strategy. It is the final step in our process, and it provides you the increased reassurance that comes with knowing that you have taken the steps necessary to help prepare for the continued security of your family.

*Guarantees subject to financial strength and claims paying ability of issuing insurer.